Sunday, 27 October 2013

Ring love

My engagement ring needs repairing, it has done for a number of years. So in its place I wear rings that I have made as prototypes for the O bliss range. Today I photographed the rings I am currently wearing (not on my finger as my hands do not make for beautiful photography).
The bottom ring is my gold wedding band that I bought from an antique shop 22 years ago. I have never bought jewellery from those big name retail chains, my preference is for unique handmade pieces and antique finds. So when it came time to select my engagement and wedding rings, I went antique shopping. I love the fact that this ring had a history before I began wearing it and often wonder who the woman was.
Next, is a plain hammered ring available from my online shop
It acts as a filler in this stack.
I made the third ring this week as a prototype. It consists of 13 individually faceted discs. I love it and will be listing it for sale as soon as I resolve sizing issues.
On top of the stack is a very special band. It was my grandmother’s wedding ring and since it was given to me I have not taken it off. Unlike my wedding band, I knew and loved the wonderful woman who wore this ring.

So there you have it, a beautiful ring stack that combines my two loves, handmade and antique jewellery. I think I'll be wearing this combo for a while.