Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Bird love

look what has this little birdie has caught

a crown for my bird

I love finding a new prop to use when photographing my jewellery. It's even better when the prop creates a story or theme. My latest fascination is bird statues. It started while photographing a new ring. Bored with the wooden hand prominent in so many of my shots and looking around the house for something new, I picked up the bird statue from a shelf, wiped off the dust and...well... the ring became a crown. Today I decided to re-photograph some of my early Etsy listings. One pair just seemed the perfect 'catch' for a new Morgan & Finch bird statue I bought a few weeks ago at Bed Bath n' Table. So now I have three birds featured in my jewellery photo (see the bird collar here). I'm thinking that will do. 

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