Friday, 12 July 2013


I love creating Etsy treasuries. There is so much aesthetic consideration involved, beyond just finding great items to feature. Balancing shapes, textures and colours until the list 'sings' can often be a challenging process and then other times they effortlessly comes together. Occasionally one of my treasuries makes front page but mostly they fly beneath the radar of those elusive Etsy Front Page selectors. So I have decided to feature some of my treasuries on my blog. Hopefully you will find something special to buy in the mix.

Form and Function

Geometric items have been trending for quite some time now. I am far from bored with them and this list features some of my favourite finds.

Beauty is Simple

This list celebrates my own design mantra, 'less is more'

Country Charm

And of course I love a rustic edge - both in my own work and in others. In this treasury I have teamed some great rustic objects with a splash of plaid.

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