Thursday, 31 May 2012

Amazing Grace

Paintings by Grace Gladdish
Planter Sculpture by Clairy Laurence
Tea cosy by Kitty Breeden

Following on from my post Loving Erin, I thought I would start a regular series of posts featuring my personal art collection. To say I am an art lover is an understatement. I have been collecting original art since high school. Three years of Art College resulted in a tiny unit filled with both my own and uni friends' creations and my involvement in group art exhibitions throughout the 90's were highly motivated by a 'swapping' culture. I was mighty proud that the walls of my home were filled with original art only. As I married into a family of ceramic artists, coffee, cereal, salads and the like were always served in unique handmade wares. 
In November of 2004 our family home burnt to the ground due to an electrical fire (I'll post some pics another time). To say that it is overwhelming to start again is an understatement. But start again I did and over the years those blank walls have gradually filled up with art. My core need to be surrounded by [what I deem to be] aesthetically beautiful things is again satisfied.... but I am far from done!
Today, I am featuring three works from my collection of art by my dear, dear friend, Grace Gladdish. Grace visited my shortly after the fire with a boot full of her art and so began my second art collection.

mixed media collage

Mixed media collage

Acrylic on watercolour paper

I first admired Grace's work while at uni. She was a year above me and my friends and I would sneak down to her studio while she was at lunch and ogle over her art. We met a few years later through a mutual friend and she quickly become one of my most cherished friends. Over the years we have exhibited together, had babies together, attended church together and shared life's joys and sorrows. These days we are separated by a 2 day drive that includes a 10 hour ferry across the Bass Strait :( Thankfully, I am surround by Grace's beautiful images which are scattered throughout my home.

Check out more of Grace's art at her website, blog and Etsy store.

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