Sunday, 3 June 2012

A wintery weekend

I have spent the first weekend of winter in my studio (check out the banner custom made for me by Fabiola from archivioGotico). There has been a steady drizzle of rain and my hubby has kept the fire stoked day and night. This has been ever so excessive as living in Queensland, winter is not really winter. We usually only experience a few weeks of truely cold weather and the rest of the season is just glorious. Although unnecessary, the fire has been lovely and I have not felt the need to be anywhere but at home. Consequently, it has been a very productive weekend. I have now decided to make items in sets of 4 at a time. When a order comes through, my goal is to make that order and 3 more - stocking up for the Christmas shopping season.


  1. Wow! Garland looks great and I lOVE peeping into studios!!! Thanks! Fab

  2. That's a really great idea to work that way - start stocking up now. It always helps to prep and do the work a little at a time, more and more. I might adopt that plan this season! Though I'm already doing just that for a convention I'm going to this summer ;)

    Best of luck!!!
    Erin from EBT and your newest follower! :)

  3. Found your blog through Etsy Blog Team. Nice to read about winter when I am sweating it out over here in the South Eastern US summer! Would love you to stop by and visit my blog, I have just started it up.

    1. thanks for the follow Kim. I have followed you in return

  4. OMG, I love your "stocking up" equation! What an awesome idea! I wish I could manage the same!

    Love the banner, too! How cool is that?!

    xo Dianna |


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