Friday, 8 June 2012

David Usher

Top: by David Usher 
Bottom: by Peter Hughes

It is the dreaded end of semester reporting period at school at the moment. On the up side, a two week holiday is just around the corner; on the down side, I have a folder of unmarked assignments that can no longer be ignored. So why not procrastinate for a while longer by writing the next instalment of 'my own personal art collection'. 
Today's feature artist is my brother-in-law, David Usher. Like Grace Gladdish, I had a number of artworks by David in my pre-fire collection. I have been a fan of this talented painter and ceramic artist since I was a teenager and actually, the very first original art I purchased was one of his early ceramic works. I currently have four paintings and one ceramic work in my collection. 

Late Afternoon by the Dam
2009Oil on Canvas
122 x 92 cm
 My husband bought me this broody landscape for my birthday earlier this year (following some strong hints). It is the largest painting I own and I adore it!!

Darling Downs 1
1999, Oil on Canvas
52 x 25 cm

Another atmospheric landscape hangs with a group of works (which will be the subject of future posts).

2 Browntown City
2002Oil on Canvas
92 x 46 cm

I am blessed to have so many talented artists in my life. At the age of 14 I started dating my now husband and was embraced into his wonderful, artistic family. It is impossible to measure the influence they have had on my life, but even at 14, I knew that it would be profound. Having zero artistic input from my own family, I often think that I became an artist due to osmosis; although I have recently discovered that my cousin is a very talented photographer, which indicates I may have had some genetic predisposition towards art.  
David has been a great role model throughout my life and has always encouraged me to pursue my creative ideas. I hope you enjoy looking at a few of his works here. If you live around Brisbane, watch out for his exhibitions at Doggett Street Studio. 

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