Saturday, 1 September 2012

Busy in the art room

It is a very busy time of the year in my art classroom. While the school year is just commencing in America, in Australia we are about to go on our spring holiday. My senior students will soon graduate high school and have just submitted their final major bodies of work (top left and bottom right). This has meant many weeks of late nights for some and a last minute scurry to produce a reasonable submission for others. As usual, the talent, creativity and insight of these 17 year olds amazes me. But my younger students have also been delighting me with their achievements. The Year 9's (14 year olds) have been working on realistic tonal studies of celebrities. The images top-right are progress photos and capture just a small glimpse into the talent of the students I am privileged to work with. I can't wait to see how they develop as artists in the coming years. Likewise, I have taught some amazing Year 10 student's throughout 2012. They are currently completing a surrealism printmaking unit. The image bottom-left is just one of the beautiful etchings produced. 
The photos above are such a small representation of what is happening in my art classes. I have students working across such a diverse range of media, including digital photography, video art and installation art. I love the fact that senior students can choose their preferred media and develop individual responses to a given concept. The beauty of art is that meaning can be visually communicated in so many forms.  


  1. I trained as a music teacher and I got similar feelings really when compositions started to be handed in. It can be such a special time but also such a trying one. I'm not sure quite why there always have to be one or two in each year group who don't do any work and then don't accept any responsibility for that at all!!

    You are classroom sounds like an inspiring place to be.


  2. Beautiful work! How fun to get to work with such talented students every day :)


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