Saturday, 8 September 2012

Printmaking - The real deal

Following a successful printmaking unit with my Year 10 student’s, it was such a treat to spend the morning in a real printmaker’s studio, surrounded by machinery dating back to the 1800’s. My friend Nicole is a printmaker/designer and is fanatical about typography.  Her collection of old printing presses are a sight to behold and the beautiful quality this equipment brings to her work is unrivalled by modern processes.  So I was super excited to commission Nicole to create formal invitations for me. This will be my 4th year as Year 12 Formal Co-ordinator and each year I have lovingly spent hours hand-making the invitations.  But I think I love these invites the most – they are sophisticated and professional looking while still maintaining a handmade quality. Nicole kindly invited me to participate in the print run. After an awkward start, I got the hang of operating George  (a Gordon Franklin Press made between 1867 & 1869). I truly felt transported to a bygone era.

 Check out Nicole's fantastic graphic prints at her Etsy shop Nicoleap

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